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Our Competencies

Team spirit - perseverance - determination - performance - commitment
the characteristics of an entrepreneur

© Peter Kupferschmied


© Peter Kupferschmied

"The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist hopes the wind will turn, the realist straightens the sail" (Sir William Ward , 1834-1924)

Entrepreneurial skills

  • Board of Directors

  • Business planning

  • Financial planning

  • Organization of the company

  • Fundraising

  • IP: Intellectual property

  • Start-up foundation

  • Strategy/Planning

  • Project management

  • Pricing

  • Market strategies

  • Industrialization/Production

  • Distribution models/partnerships

  • Licenses/OEM

  • Outsourcing

  • Product development

Engineering and ICT skills

Product Engineering (technical competence), Process Engineering (additional competence), Quality Control (additional competence), Microprocessing (additional competence), Electrical Engineering (core competence), Embedded Systems (additional competence), Optoelectronics (additional competence), Measurement and Sensor technology (core competence), IoT (core competence)

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