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Who is behind BG&P

Christian Brand
Co-founder BG&P

BG&P was founded in 1999 as a consulting firm by Raymond Gallusser, Dr. sc. nat ETH and Christian Brand Dipl. El. Ing. FH, NDS Business Administration. The focus of their activities was consulting for the industry (SBB, Swisscom, Orange, etc.) in the areas of technology, ICT, engineering as well as coaching of entrepreneurs, especially in the start-up phase.

Today, BG&P is continued by Christian Brand and I focus on coaching and training of entrepreneurs. A large network of partners allows me to draw on the right skills at the right time.

I have a broad entrepreneurial experience as co-founder of various companies in the service and product business. As a young engineer I developed products for the telecom industry in the USA and Switzerland and managed business units in this area.

My focus and passion today is coaching of start-ups.

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